Privacy Policy

To understand our privacy policy, it is helpful to understand the purpose of Do It Yourself Auctions, or DIY Auctions or DIYA for short.

DIYA was created to help facilitate an auction application for use on Facebook business pages. As such there are a number of roles that must be considered, each with their own levels of information access.

Most importantly however, the DIY Auctions website never learns and therefore does not store the Facebook credentials (i.e. password) of users.

The ‘top most’ level is administrators. Administrators have full access to any data stored on this website. They can see all information that is stored here. Note that ‘DIYA stored information’ will be discussed further below. Note that this extends across all Facebook business pages that are associated with DIYA i.e if this site hosts auctions for five different business pages then an administrator would have access to the DIYA stored information for all of them. There are three administrators of this site which includes the software developer of the DIYA application and the two partners of StoneHouseMarketing Solutions, Inc. Should anyone else be given full administrator privileges, the information provided here will be correspondingly updated.

Sellers: Sellers are those people who have a Facebook business page that is associated with the DIY website. Sellers have access to such information as:

  1. The Facebook name of a person who has bid on one of the seller’s auction items.
  2. The email address of this person.
  3. The bid price (and history of bids) made by this person.

Buyers: Buyers are people who have clicked on an auction item on an associated Facebook business page and were then directed to the DIY site. In order for the this auction application to work correctly the application needs a certain minimal set of Facebook permissions. These include:

  • email
  • manage_pages
  • publish_actions

More information on these permissions is available via the Facebook Developers portal: .
The purpose of these permissions is ONLY to allow this application to make bid submissions for the bidder. As well the application will notify the winner of a given auction by e-mail that they are in fact the winning bidder.

Administrators: Administrators have access to the same information as sellers. However, whereas a given seller only has access to the auction information associated with his or her specific Facebook business pages, the administrators have access to the information associated with all sellers.